Wk 1 – Artist Interview – Ana Porter and Stephanie Sherman

One piece of art in particular caught my attention. It was “Slaughter” by Ana Porter and Stephanie Sherman. This piece consisted of two TV screens, one showing footage of the slaughtering of a sheep while it is struggling for its life and the other showing its meat being cut up in preparation for a meal. 

To the right of the TV screens is the story behind the videos. Essentially, the artist(s) sounded as if they were glorifying the slaughtering of the sheep, stating that she loves meat and has always wanted to slaughter an animal. On top of it all, it can be seen as art if it was caught on camera and on canvas. 

However, the two videos were thought provoking on a different level. Looking solely at the video of the meat preparation, one would initially just view it as food. It is not until the individual sees the video of the process of slaughtering of the animal for its meat that a new perspective is gained. We normally take food for granted and do not consider the fact that a life is taken for that meal. This may cause the individual to appreciate the food more or even be appalled by the process. Either way, food (meat specifically) can be viewed a lot differently if seen through the lens of Ana Porter and Stephanie Sherman.photo (1)


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