Wk 1 – Classmate Conversation – Branden Saito

Today in Art, I spoke to my classmate Branden Saito about certain art pieces that stood out to us. Initially, I just wanted clarification of our assignments;  however, throughout our conversation, I also got to know Branden on a more personal level. We mostly discussed school and future endeavors. He is taking Art 110 solely to fulfill his GE requirements.

Branden is a third year and, after exploring several majors, he is now aspiring to be an IT for Google or any major company after college. We eventually discussed heritage and culture. Branden is a fifth generation Japanese American while I am a first generation Vietnamese American. We spoke about the adjustment to American culture. He mentioned it was an easy transition for him since his parents are already Americanized. On the other hand, I talked about how the two cultures of mine almost seemed like polar opposites at times. 

All in all, getting to know Branden and his perspective on life, art and culture was an intriguing experience. I would enjoy another conversation with him in the near future.




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