Wk 5 – Activity – Identity Art

For this week’s activity, we had to wear something out of ordinary and ask people what they think our name and major is. I decided to dress up as my alter ego, Chet. Chet is a stereotypical frat boy who likes to speaks an octave lower than his natural tone of voice. He also wears polos with popped collars, above the knee shorts, and a backwards hat and shades at all times of the day.

Just to add some background information, I am in a fraternity and have often noticed how differently I am treated by others whenever I wear my greek letters. This was a fun and interactive way to be an amplified and exaggerated version of what people mistake me for.

I roamed the Parkside residential college during dinner time when there was a good amount of traffic and approached several people as my alter ego. When asked about my name, I had guesses such as Brad, Matt, Josh, and Tristan. Most of the people I approached guessed my major to be Communications, Business, and even Advertisement. No one really took me seriously or attempted to have a genuine conversation with me. Most people were snickering or wanted to end the conversation as soon as possible.

Overall, this activity was definitely one of my favorite activities so far. I enjoyed witnessing the reactions of other people when I approached and spoke to them.

This is regular Alan.

This is regular Alan.

This is Chet.

This is Chet.

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Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Lindsey Karasawa

During the art showcase, I approached my classmate Lindsey Karasawa and spoke with her. We decided to do our classmate conversation together. Lindsey is a sophomore commuting from Cypress. She is a nutrition and dietetics major. She chose the major because she grew up in a family that emphasized healthy eating. It was not until recently that she understood the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. She is also a part of the Student Dietetics Association also known as SDA. Having considered nutrition and dietetics as my major, I was able to connect and relate with her.

Being very family-oriented, Lindsey chose Cal State Long Beach because she wanted to stay local and close to loved ones. She also works at a family friend’s optometrist office as a receptionist. She also helps filing paperwork and decorating the office. We talked about past jobs and she mentioned that she also worked at a smoothie place, tutoring center, Hawaiian restaurant and as a babysitter.

Lindsey is a very motivated and committed student. Seeing that she balances a very competitive major, family life, campus involvement, and a job is very admirable. Although she is a very busy person, she is enjoying every aspect of her life and her consistent smile when she speaks of those topics reflects that.

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Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Colin Thompson

I had the opportunity to speak with Colin Thompson, the artist who created two untitled pieces displayed in the photography room. These two pieces were displayed side by side. They are two images printed on aluminum. Both of them were unframed and bent.

When asked about the idea of his artwork, he explained that he aimed to push the limits of photography. We are used to seeing photography as a flat printed and framed images. The new images he displayed were initially intended to be normal and traditional framed artwork; however, due to the printer having a clogged nozzle, the sheet of aluminum came out crooked and bent. Normally, this would be something that a photographer or artist would throw away. Colin figured this would be a great opportunity to do something a little more unorthodox and proudly displayed his “imperfect” artwork.

Colin Thompson is a photography major who is graduating from Cal State Long Beach this semester. He used to major in graphic design but his passion in photography was overpowering. He plans to get a master’s degree but is unsure if he wants it to be in photography or at Long Beach State.

Overall, Colin was a great photographer and artist to speak with. His enthusiasm and passion in photography were very apparent and I enjoyed observing his unique display.

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Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Cordova

While roaming the art showcase, I ran into a fellow student named Kevin Cordova. He asked me if I would be interested in doing my classmate interview with him. He seemed like a nice and friendly guy so I said yes.

Kevin is a freshman who only lives six blocks away from campus in Long Beach’s neighboring town, Lakewood. He is an anthropology major aspiring to be an archaeologist in the future. He mentioned that watching the Indiana Jones movies inspired him to do so. It was awesome hearing that because those movies were also a huge part of my childhood. He mentioned that he did not choose to join any clubs this year. Kevin thought there were too many to choose from and he might choose to join one later in the year. He graduated as one of the top in his class in high school but applied a little too late to be accepted into schools such as UCLA and Berkeley. He hopes to transfer soon.

When asked about the unique glass bottle sculptures, he mentioned that he just saw the art simply as glass but, after listening to the artist’s take on his art, we both broadened our understanding and appreciation of the sculptures.

Overall, Kevin Cordova is a genuinely nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation together. I am sure we will speak again at one of the showcases again in the near future, and I hope many others that I will meet in class are able to match his positive energy and ability to speak so openly to others.photo (2)

Wk 4 – Artist Interview – Maccabee Shelley

I spoke with artist Maccabee Shelley at the art galleries on Thursday. Shelley is a post-baccalaureate student who sparked a true interest in ceramics in his mid-20’s and committed as an artist in 2010. Glass was the theme of the majority of his art pieces. His art pieces revolved around ceramics and glass. At this specific gallery, many of the pieces were comprised of only melted glass.

Shelley stated that he would melt a trash can full of glass bottles. The process is long and time consuming. It takes Shelley a week to melt and form only one part of an entire art piece. He believes glass is beautiful and scary at the same time. It can be smooth or jagged and sharp. He also informed me of the undermined value of glass. It will outlast any other material we can make as people. Glass can also withstand heat more than most materials. It used to be treasured by humans and now it is merely a waste product. He also mentioned that glass is used as gloss for ceramics. It is a feared material by many artists because it can be dangerous to work with, but he wanted to make pieces purely with glass since he found it exciting.

He spoke about art in general. Shelley stated that the human language is limited from the ability to fully express oneself. Art is a broad and articulate way for people to do so.

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