Wk 2 – Instagram Activity

This past week, the class was given the assignment to post 4 pictures throughout the day on Instagram. Usually, I post one picture a day, tops. So I had to make another account solely for Art 110. This was a pretty unique activity because everyone with a smart phone is pretty comfortable with social media. Therefore, we did not have to go too much out of our way to complete the assignment.

This is one of the art pieces that caught my attention. It’s not one of those pieces that require much interpretation containing some deep underlying message, but it is simply beautiful in itself. I enjoyed the combination of colors and aurora-like visuals.

I was just by the pyramid so I figured I would just ask a friend to snap a picture of me by it. The pyramid is obviously a significant symbol and landmark of LBSU. And I am more than happy and proud to be a part of its student body.

I visited my fraternity house and the chapter president had his dog stay with him for a few days. It was pretty nice bonding with the Phi Tau frat-hound.

At the end of the day, I visited the pool and jacuzzi at the rec center, which in my opinion is one of the most underrated spots on campus. Swinging by a couple hours before it closes is the perfect time to take in the feel-good lighting and atmosphere the rec center pool offers.


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