Wk 2 – Artist Interview – Kimberly Zumpfe



One art piece that stuck out to me was “Step 7” by Kimberly Zumpfe. It is a three dimensional piece of a worn down piece of sidewalk with the ground projected around it. Attached on the wall was a poem written from the artist describing her appreciation of walking the sidewalk and the sidewalk itself. She mentions that driving a car is a more mindless act. It is easier to “glide along” than to take small movements to reach your destination. 

This piece reminded me of the practice of walking meditation. Walking meditation is the act of being completely mindful and aware of each and every step you take. It is the practice of appreciating the environment around you as well as taking the opportunity to introspect. Although it might not be the purpose of this art piece, I think the idea complements the artwork.

I enjoyed how different and modern this piece is. The projection added a nice touch.



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