Wk 2 – Classmate Interview – Kylie and Troy

During the class activity on Thursday, I was able to have a talk with a couple classmates while roaming the art gallery. Kylie Hazehara is an undeclared freshman who “has no idea what she wants to do” in the near future in regards of choosing a specific major. She played volleyball in high school and intends on participating on an intramural volleyball team. Kylie also is interested in rushing a cultural sorority.

Troy Tintiangco, on the other hand, is a second year film major with the intention of going into commercial advertisement and doing some music videos on the side. He played baseball in high school and is currently in NSU, which is a Japanese American club. 

We were pondering some of the art in the gallery and there were a series of very abstract pieces that caught our attention. Since we all have very little experience interpreting art, it was a bit difficult to make out of what the artist is attempting to portray. Some of these did not include much of a background story. We also discussed how reading their titles can sway us in the right direction of interpretation but we were never able to fully understand them; however, it did not stop us from appreciating the work.



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