Wk 4 – Classmate Interview – Kevin Cordova

While roaming the art showcase, I ran into a fellow student named Kevin Cordova. He asked me if I would be interested in doing my classmate interview with him. He seemed like a nice and friendly guy so I said yes.

Kevin is a freshman who only lives six blocks away from campus in Long Beach’s neighboring town, Lakewood. He is an anthropology major aspiring to be an archaeologist in the future. He mentioned that watching the Indiana Jones movies inspired him to do so. It was awesome hearing that because those movies were also a huge part of my childhood. He mentioned that he did not choose to join any clubs this year. Kevin thought there were too many to choose from and he might choose to join one later in the year. He graduated as one of the top in his class in high school but applied a little too late to be accepted into schools such as UCLA and Berkeley. He hopes to transfer soon.

When asked about the unique glass bottle sculptures, he mentioned that he just saw the art simply as glass but, after listening to the artist’s take on his art, we both broadened our understanding and appreciation of the sculptures.

Overall, Kevin Cordova is a genuinely nice guy and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation together. I am sure we will speak again at one of the showcases again in the near future, and I hope many others that I will meet in class are able to match his positive energy and ability to speak so openly to others.photo (2)


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