Wk 5 – Artist Interview – Colin Thompson

I had the opportunity to speak with Colin Thompson, the artist who created two untitled pieces displayed in the photography room. These two pieces were displayed side by side. They are two images printed on aluminum. Both of them were unframed and bent.

When asked about the idea of his artwork, he explained that he aimed to push the limits of photography. We are used to seeing photography as a flat printed and framed images. The new images he displayed were initially intended to be normal and traditional framed artwork; however, due to the printer having a clogged nozzle, the sheet of aluminum came out crooked and bent. Normally, this would be something that a photographer or artist would throw away. Colin figured this would be a great opportunity to do something a little more unorthodox and proudly displayed his “imperfect” artwork.

Colin Thompson is a photography major who is graduating from Cal State Long Beach this semester. He used to major in graphic design but his passion in photography was overpowering. He plans to get a master’s degree but is unsure if he wants it to be in photography or at Long Beach State.

Overall, Colin was a great photographer and artist to speak with. His enthusiasm and passion in photography were very apparent and I enjoyed observing his unique display.

photo 2 (3)photo 3 (5)


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