Wk 5 – Classmate Conversation – Lindsey Karasawa

During the art showcase, I approached my classmate Lindsey Karasawa and spoke with her. We decided to do our classmate conversation together. Lindsey is a sophomore commuting from Cypress. She is a nutrition and dietetics major. She chose the major because she grew up in a family that emphasized healthy eating. It was not until recently that she understood the importance of maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. She is also a part of the Student Dietetics Association also known as SDA. Having considered nutrition and dietetics as my major, I was able to connect and relate with her.

Being very family-oriented, Lindsey chose Cal State Long Beach because she wanted to stay local and close to loved ones. She also works at a family friend’s optometrist office as a receptionist. She also helps filing paperwork and decorating the office. We talked about past jobs and she mentioned that she also worked at a smoothie place, tutoring center, Hawaiian restaurant and as a babysitter.

Lindsey is a very motivated and committed student. Seeing that she balances a very competitive major, family life, campus involvement, and a job is very admirable. Although she is a very busy person, she is enjoying every aspect of her life and her consistent smile when she speaks of those topics reflects that.

photo 1 (6)


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