Wk 6 – Activity – French Girls Drawings

This week’s activity was pretty simple. We downloaded the French Girls app, drew our interpretations of other people’s selfies, and had other people draw their interpretations of of our selfies. We were also advised to take our time and “try to look.”

I’m not much of a talented artist when it comes to drawing, especially when it involves my big ol’ index finger on a tiny phone screen, but I promise I tried. It took me awhile to get better at the app and about three tries before I got a decent drawing.

So these are my three drawings of other people:

photo 3 photo 1photo 2

With some practice, I added more and more detail with every drawing.

I also had a couple drawings of me. I submitted a few; however, the only drawings I received of me were of the poorly lit selfie I took during class while setting up the app. Here are the drawings of me:

photo 5 photo 4

Ignore my username. I guess they generate a random username for you if you skip that step during the app setup.


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