Wk 6 – Artist Interview – Rosa Vasquez

On Thursday, I was able to have an eye-opening conversation with Rosa Vasquez on her various art pieces as well as the topic of illegal immigration. She displayed videos set up of different stories told by those affected by our immigration policy in the U.S.

The one piece that really stuck out to me was the stack of 5000 pages of papers she had placed on the middle of the display floor. Each pageĀ had an image and the date of a person that was deported from the U.S. back to Mexico within the last year. I asked Rosa if she printed each of those herself but it turned out she spent $200 to get them printed by an unmentioned company.

Her purpose of this display was to bring awareness of immigrant deportation to those in the art community. She feels personally connected to this issue because her own brother was deported two years ago. Vasquez believes that this issue has not been explored or talked about within the art community. She also mentioned that illegal immigrant deportation has been especially active within the last 6 years and over 2 million people have been expelled from the U.S. within that time frame.

Rosa Vasquez told me about how time consuming it was to put together her display. She shared how a girl in our class approached her and simply asked, “How can I help?” This made her efforts all worthwhile.

photo 2 (5)photo 3 (7)


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