Wk 8 – Artist Interview – Yu Ji

Yu Ji is a Chinese born artist and student here at Cal State Long Beach. Her display consisted of several oil paintings of the various sceneries of Long Beach. These paintings are not of the style she is used to or comfortable with, but she has to continue painting in that particular style in order to stay in the art program. Her original style is a hybrid of highly detailed sketching and oil painting (picture attached below).

The first thing she told me was how difficult it is to sell her current artwork in China. She mentioned that Chinese art buyers typically buy highly detailed paintings/drawings with Chinese figures. The artwork she has now is not so detailed and has American figures. She mentioned that western art revolves a lot around geometry while eastern art is a lot more free range.

Yu Ji also shared that she started drawing and painting at the age of 8. She also has a strong background in Chinese calligraphy.

It was nice to hear from an artist from another culture and get a glimpse of her perspective of art.





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