Wk 9 – Artist Interview – Bethany King

I interviewed artist Bethany King at the art galleries on Thursday. She is an illustration major at Cal State Long Beach. Her display was a journal which she binded herself. Observers are able to touch and flip through the pages with the use of the provided gloves. She mentioned that her passion has always been book binding.

The reason why she chose to make this certain piece was because of her charity work over the summer. King worked for an organization called the LA Urban Project, which is a religious group that promotes art within areas of poverty in Los Angeles. The organization is split into various teams for different areas in LA. Bethany specifically worked in South LA in collaboration with Street Lamp Studios. She taught art to the kids in that area and related it to God and religion, stating that since God is creative so are the kids.

Overall, I enjoyed the piece that she created. Being able to touch the book hands-on is a neat experience that I feel many other art pieces lack (understandably). The variation of styles throughout every few pages was a nice touch.



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