Wk 13 – Artist Interview – Kelsey Zwarka

On Thursday I got to look over Kelsey Zwarka’s art pieces. Her pieces consisted of clay art which appeared to be very abstract and did not resemble anything. I was confused at first and very critical of the strange figures.

After observing the details of the art pieces, I was able to appreciate them more and more. She mentioned that her parents influenced her to push her creative side. She also mentioned that she mostly works with clay, metal, and fiber. The detail in her work really shows her expertise and comfort with those materials.

Even though the pieces looked very chaotic, one can appreciate the work and abstract detail that Kelsey Zwarka put into the pieces.





Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Oscar Rocho

I had the opportunity to meet Oscar Rocho on Thursday. He is a 3rd year and a Sociology major. Oscar is also a member of Kappa Sigma fraternity and CJSA which is the club for Criminal Justice. He is from LA.

We spoke about greek life for awhile. I told him that I rushed Kappa Sigma as well but ended up in Phi Kappa Tau instead. He said he joined Kappa Sigma because he did not know much about other fraternities and he had a couple friends in that fraternity.

Oscar chose Cal State Long Beach mostly for financial reasons. He said he enjoys Art 110 and he is taking it mostly for GE requirements.


Wk 12 – Activity – Teach One (Art and Meditation)

During this past week, we were assigned to teach someone something we learned from art. This week I decided to teach my younger brother what I learned from the artist I interviewed this past week, Angie Sambolotte.

My younger brother is 13 years old and has attended a few meditation retreats in the past few summers. He claims to be pretty interested in it. I shared with him what I learned from Angie Sambolotte because I believed it could correlate with the idea of meditation. I told my younger brother about my conversation with her about her idea of nature and how it takes its time. She was able to apply it to her own artwork and take the time to be present and mindful of the details that she puts into it. She did not feel the need to hurry or rush through it. She also mentioned that during the beginning of the show she was very nervous and came back to her breath and returned to the present moment.

This shows that the idea of meditation can be practically applied in various aspects of life, from creating art to calming oneself when nervousness arises. It is not limited to simply sitting down criss cross applesauce and closing ones eyes like what is popularly known.

Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Angie Sambolotte

While roaming the art galleries, I met and spoke with Angie Sambolotte. She is an illustration major here at CSULB. She mentioned that she enjoys playing soccer, going camping, and going crazy and dancing.

I asked her why she chose to create the art in the theme of nature. She mentioned that nature is what we look up to to set all the paradigms for us.
It’s very simple pure and straight forward. It’s a good thing to observe because “it is slow.” Nature takes its time to create beautiful things in the world but we live in a time where we want everything so quickly. She said she wanted to investigate that and take her time and test her patience with the artwork, a lesson she learned from nature.

She also mentioned that it was her first show. She was initially nervous but started being present and became more comfortable with the environment.





Wk 12 – Classmate Conversation – Devante Lindsey

On Thursday, I met Devante Lindsey. He is a Junior in Pre-nursing. He said that he needs straight As in his foundation and science classes. Devante is also a health science minor. He is from North Long Beach.

He told me that he chose his major because he always wanted to help people. Devante claims that he loves math and enjoys the math classes he is currently taking.

Devante currently works at the Parkside dining hall, which is where I live. In high school he played football as a defensive lineman. He is taking this class because it’s a requirement.


(late post) Wk 10 – Activity – Landscape

As a late post for last week’s activity, I decided my place of death to be in my bed. It was supposed to look like I was suffocated with a pillow in my sleep. My body positioning was intended to show that I struggled during my murder, but I wasn’t sure if I was able to portray that very well.

I had a friend press down on the pillow and make it seem like there was force used.


Wk 11 – Activity – Photography

During my trip to Big Sur this weekend, I decided to make my art choice for this week be iPhone photography. I really enjoyed the scenery and appreciated the permanence of capturing what I saw in a picture. I often scroll through the camera roll on my phone and seeing old pictures enables me to return to a place where I once was and sometimes wish to be again. The pictures I took in Big Sur are a perfect example of that.

Here are some of the pictures I was able to capture: