Wk 12 – Activity – Teach One (Art and Meditation)

During this past week, we were assigned to teach someone something we learned from art. This week I decided to teach my younger brother what I learned from the artist I interviewed this past week, Angie Sambolotte.

My younger brother is 13 years old and has attended a few meditation retreats in the past few summers. He claims to be pretty interested in it. I shared with him what I learned from Angie Sambolotte because I believed it could correlate with the idea of meditation. I told my younger brother about my conversation with her about her idea of nature and how it takes its time. She was able to apply it to her own artwork and take the time to be present and mindful of the details that she puts into it. She did not feel the need to hurry or rush through it. She also mentioned that during the beginning of the show she was very nervous and came back to her breath and returned to the present moment.

This shows that the idea of meditation can be practically applied in various aspects of life, from creating art to calming oneself when nervousness arises. It is not limited to simply sitting down criss cross applesauce and closing ones eyes like what is popularly known.


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