Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Angie Sambolotte

While roaming the art galleries, I met and spoke with Angie Sambolotte. She is an illustration major here at CSULB. She mentioned that she enjoys playing soccer, going camping, and going crazy and dancing.

I asked her why she chose to create the art in the theme of nature. She mentioned that nature is what we look up to to set all the paradigms for us.
It’s very simple pure and straight forward. It’s a good thing to observe because “it is slow.” Nature takes its time to create beautiful things in the world but we live in a time where we want everything so quickly. She said she wanted to investigate that and take her time and test her patience with the artwork, a lesson she learned from nature.

She also mentioned that it was her first show. She was initially nervous but started being present and became more comfortable with the environment.






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